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Why you need an estate litigation lawyer

The simple answer: to protect your interests.

Many estates involve a substantial amount of assets. Unfortunately, that provides an incentive for someone else to try and take your inheritance—what we call inheritance theft or inheritance hijacking.


Estate Litigation Explained


Estate disputes are different than estate planning


Many lawyers draft wills. Many lawyers probate wills. Yet most estate planning attorneys never engage in litigation of any kind.

Estate litigation, probate litigation, and inheritance disputes require a very different set of skills from estate planning and document drafting.

Our team at Sanders, Motley, Young & Gallardo are experienced & capable estate litigators who know how to protect you from inheritance theft.


Estate disputes can take many different forms


Common disputes include:

Disputes may also involve the validity of a deed or non-probate assets like life insurance or account designations.


You need an estate litigator, not an estate planner


Whatever the form, you need an attorney who is a probate litigator, who knows the law, and is willing to fight to protect your inheritance. We take pride communicating with clients and developing a plan. Sometimes that means fighting in court. Sometimes it is enough for the other side to know you have hired us to protect your interests.

When your case is facing possible litigation you need someone with probate litigation experience.


Designation Disputes


Fiduciary & Executor

Our fees are built to suit your needs

  • We work with clients on fee arrangements based on what they want and the nature of the case.

  • We may accept cases on a contingency fee basis, which means that we will only be compensated for our time and effort if we are successful in a recovery.

  • We also sometimes offer alternative fee arrangements, which may involve a combination of a reduced hourly fee and a reduced contingent fee.


While we handle estate disputes across Texas, we’re proud to focus on these North Texas counties:

Michael’s kindness, knowledge, and understanding of my situation left me feeling valued and very happy regarding the outcome of my case. I will forever be grateful to him as he was there for me when it felt like I had no one.
— Carrie W., Collin County

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