Grayson County

We are based in Grayson County, although we regularly handle estate disputes in neighboring counties. Grayson County is not Dallas County. That is stating the obvious. But it is a point that only lawyers who regularly practice in the Red River area counties understand. Lawyers from Dallas have cars and can buy maps. But that does not mean they know Grayson county jurors, judges and court personnel. We do. We have substantial experience in handling contested probate matters in Grayson County.

Uncontested estates in Grayson County are handled by the Grayson County Judge. The County Judge admits wills to probate and appoints executors or administrators.

However, contested estates in Grayson County are transferred to either of two county courts at law:

Those courts handle contested matters such as will contests, fiduciary complaints, and guardianship disputes. The judges of the Grayson County courts at law are very experienced in evaluating issues such as testamentary capacity, undue influence, ambiguous terms in a will, the obligations of a fiduciary, etc.

Grayson County Courthouse

Grayson County Courthouse

Grayson County has an estimated population of almost 130,000. Sherman is the county seat, where the courts are located. Grayson County is currently experiencing economic growth. The southern cities, such as Gunter and Van Alstyne are increasingly serving as bedroom communities to the Metroplex, with tremendous growth in residential construction. Lake Texoma and the Hagerman Natural Wildlife Refuge attract substantial recreational investments from outside the county.

The exploding flow of funds into Grayson County has led to rapidly rising property values. This has an impact on contested estates, since it increases the amounts at stake in such disputes. Those increased stakes emphasize the importance of hiring a probate litigation lawyer who has substantial experience in handling contested estates. This is particularly true when you have the opportunity to hire a firm who has a home office in Sherman!