Cooke County

Cooke County is not Tarrant County. That is stating the obvious. But it is a point that only lawyers who regularly practice in the red river area counties understand. Lawyers from Dallas and Fort Worth have cars and can buy maps. But that does not mean they know Cooke County jurors and judicial personnel. We are based in a Red River county and understand the difference between our region and the Metroplex. Our firm has tried cases in Cooke County.

The County Court at Law in Cooke County handles both routine and contested estates. The County Court at Law has adopted local rules to govern both probate and other types of cases. The court is located in Gainesville, the County Seat.

Cooke County Courthouse

Cooke County Courthouse

Like most of North Texas, Cooke County is growing. The population in 1990 was just over 30,000. Now it is approaching 40,000. Major employers include Zodiac (Safran) Seats, North Texas Medical Center, and Winstar Casino, just across the Oklahoma border.

Many disputes include the transfers of land through a will. But there can also be disputes regarding the validity of transfers via deeds, pre-death. Common forms of deeds include warranty deeds, Lady Bird deeds, and statutory Transfer on Death Deeds.

Appeals from Denton County Probate Court are heard by the Fort Worth Court of Appeals. Appeals are based primarily on issues of law decided by the trial court.