Michael took careful measurement of our case, asked the right questions, and respected the sensitivity of the situation. At the end of the day, this is the type of person you want working on your side.

He also worked outside of normal business hours to accommodate our busy work schedules. Despite such a stressful and frankly sad time, Michael was a strong source of support, and helped us figure out the right course of action.
— Shaun in Travis County, Texas
My family was referred to Michael Young by an attorney friend in Austin. My elderly mother was involved in a federal court lawsuit involving over a million dollars of life insurance proceeds.

Michael filed a motion to dismiss the case and the other side responded by agreeing to a settlement very favorable to my mother. My family was very pleased with Michael’s aggressive representation of my mother’s interests and his prompt responses to our questions.

I would recommend Michael and the firm of Sanders, O’Hanlon & Motley to anyone involved in a dispute regarding life insurance benefits or the distribution of an estate.
— Rafael S. in Hunt County, Texas
Michael Young represented me in an estate dispute in Denton County. The case involved undue influence of a will and some payable on death accounts.

He was very aggressive and the other side agreed to settle soon after he filed the case. Michael’s kindness, knowledge, and understanding of my situation left me feeling valued and very happy regarding the outcome of my case.

I will forever be grateful to him as he was there for me when it felt like I had no one.
— Carrie W. in Collin County, Texas
Michael Young represented my interests in contesting a will in Texas. In an extremely difficult and emotional situation, Michael provided clear and rational guidance by drawing upon a wealth of experience. He resolutely pursued my case, while communicating with me each and every step of the way. Through his aggressive pursuit of my interests, I obtained an excellent result.

I would highly and unreservedly recommend Michael to anyone.
— Julie in California
I hired J. Michael Young back in 2009 to assist me in contesting my mother’s will. He took my case when no one else would and handled my case aggressively, expertly, and compassionately. I would highly recommend him to anyone in his service area for their probate litigation needs.
— Stephanie S. in Atlanta, Georgia
Michael Young used his expertise in probate litigation to protect my interests in an estate matter, under a very short time frame. Mike’s timely, precise involvement in a complicated process during a time of personal confusion and grief gave me time to regroup, then proceed in an informed manner, something that would otherwise been denied me.

For his effort and insight, I’m eternally grateful.
— Bob H. in Houston, Texas
I hired Mike Young to represent my family in a very difficult estate dispute that had been lingering for some time with no progress. Mike immediately got to work interviewing witnesses, obtaining key affidavits, and taking the fight to the other side. Within a few months, we reached a very good resolution.

Mike made me feel comfortable even when it seemed the cards were stacked against us. He performed like a champion, and I will always remember his persistence and dedication to my family.
— L.V. in Tarrant County, Texas

We’re proud of our track record.


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