Denton County

Denton County has its own statutory probate court. The Denton County Probate Court has exclusive jurisdiction over both contested and uncontested estate matters. Because of the size of the docket, contested matters are often heard by an associate judge. The probate court has adopted local rules to govern its docket.

The probate court is located in the city of Denton, the County seat. The probate court is located in the Denton County Courts Building, along with the Denton County district courts.

In the past, Denton County was considered primarily rural. No more. Denton County has experienced tremendous growth. In 2000, the population was 432,000. By 2017, the population was estimated at 836,000.

The University of North Texas is the fifth largest university in Texas, with an enrollment of over 38,000. It is the largest employer in the county. Other large employers include Peterbilt and Frito Lay.


Estate disputes in Denton County commonly include claims regarding the ownership of land. While the land in Denton County has traditionally been used for farming and ranching, increased urbanization has led to demand for retail and commercial uses. Land values in the county are rising, due both to increased commercial demand and also demand from Metroplex buyers for ranch and hunting land.

Many disputes include the transfers of land through a will. But there can also be disputes regarding the validity of transfers via deeds, pre-death. Common forms of deeds include warranty deeds, Lady Bird deeds, and statutory Transfer on Death Deeds.

Appeals from Denton County Probate Court are heard by the Fort Worth Court of Appeals. Appeals are based primarily on issues of law decided by the trial court.