Oil and gas royalties

Legal heirs and beneficiaries should pay close attention to mineral interests associated with land owned by the decedent. The Barnett Shale has brought an economic boom to parts of North Texas, with many landowners receiving significant royalty and bonus checks for drilling of natural gas. Not surprisingly, these mineral interests can represent a significant portion of a decedent's estate. I recently represented children who had been disinherited.  We gathered important evidence that their stepfather had exercised undue on their mother and filed a will contest In Tarrant County Probate Court. The case settled and I was able to obtain for the children significant Barnett Shale mineral interests. They will now receive monthly checks as long as the gas wells are productive. I have also evaluated some estates in East Texas involving significant mineral royalties.  The Haynesville Shale is a fairly recent find, covering at least portions of Harrison, Shelby, and Panola counties. Contesting a Will in Texas

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