Seven Stages of Alzheimer's

A fair number of the will contest cases I handle involve testators with Alzheimer's or some other form of dementia.  In fact, I have just filed a contest involving an elderly testator who, according to statements made by an attending nurse, was suffering from Stage 7 Alzheimer's.  According to the Alzheimer's Association, this is the final stage and typically characterized by: "In the final stage of this disease, individuals lose the ability to respond to their environment, to carry on a conversation and, eventually, to control movement. They may still say words or phrases. At this stage, individuals need help with much of their daily personal care, including eating or using the toilet. They may also lose the ability to smile, to sit without support and to hold their heads up. Reflexes become abnormal. Muscles grow rigid. Swallowing impaired." More information regarding the seven stages of Alzheimer's can be found at a will in Texas, including Collin, Dallas, Tarrant, Harris and surrounding counties

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