Update on San Antonio estate battle

According to the San Antonio Express News, a partial settlement has been reached in the battle over Leo Block's estate.  The settlement resolves the dispute between Mr. Block's children and has widow, along with claims involving various charities. Interestingly, a battle still looms between the widow and the attorney who the children had accused of helping her obtain most of the estate.  As is not unusual in contested estates, passions have become inflamed:

When Boyd deposed Block last month, the fireworks went off repeatedly as she called him a thief and a liar. “You are the most unethical, you are the most dishonest, no-heart-and-soul human being I've ever known in my lifetime,” she told Boyd before the deposition even got rolling. At one point, Boyd apparently felt threatened, but she dismissed this with the remark, “Can I assure Stephen that I'm not going to kill him? ... I wouldn't even waste the money on a bullet.”

With the estate dwindling, I'm guessing the rest of the battle is eventually resolved. Texas Will Contest Lawyer