Collin County Will Contest

This was a will contest in Collin County. Two daughters schemed to disinherit their two sisters from their mother’s estate. The mother executed a will two days before she died. The will left her estate to only two of her four daughters.

Fortunately, the two disinherited daughters hired attorney Michael Young just before the hearing admitting the will to probate. He was able to investigate the claims and file a will contest petition before the scheduled hearing, which was canceled after the contest.

In the contest, attorney Young pointed out the will misspelled the names of one of the daughters. That raised questions regarding the mother’s ability to comprehend its terms. Attorney Young also obtained statements from witnesses that only one day after she signed the will, the mother was not coherent and clearly struggling, both mentally and physically. She appeared as if she was dead when they entered the hospital room. She could not speak because of her apparent heavy sedation. Furthermore, one of the daughters and her husband followed up to ensure that certain account(s) owned by the mother were placed into only that daughter’s name as payable on death beneficiary.

Within only days of filing the will contest petition, attorney Young was contacted by the attorney for the will applicant regarding a settlement. A settlement was quickly reached, favorable to the previously disinherited daughters.