Life Insurance Dispute

Attorney Michael Young commonly handles life insurance beneficiary disputes. One such case involved an estate and life insurance dispute in Dallas County. Decedent was a female who died at age 51 of cancer. She owned a $300,000 life insurance policy. The primary beneficiary of the policy was her husband. Just over a week before she died, she changed the designation to include her son from a prior marriage at 2/3 , with the husband at 1/3.

After her death, her husband contested the last designation, claiming his wife lacked sufficient mental capacity to make the beneficiary change. In response, the life insurance company filed an interpleader action in the Dallas County Probate Court. The son hired attorney Michael Young to defend the last beneficiary designation.

Attorney Young spoke to numerous witnesses who had seen decedent on or around the date of the designation change. Attorney Young obtained affidavits from seven witnesses who confirmed she had capacity. Some of them even confirmed she wanted most of the policy proceeds to go to her son. The case settled on very favorable terms for the son.